jeudi, novembre 17, 2005


The Metaprogramming Circuit is activated when the brain becomes aware of itself as engineer of experience. When you think of your mind as mind, then think of the mind that contemplates that mind as mind, then think of the mind that thinks of the mind contemplating mind as mind, you have discovered the path to metaprogramming consciousness. Most methods of 'enlightenment' function by leading you around and around in circles until you are struck by the realization that you are yourself responsible for everything you experience. With the aid of this circuit, one becomes self-programmer, then programs the self-programming, then programs the programming of the self-programming, etc.--cybernetic consciousness has been attained. Suddenly one is struck by the humorous, completely relative nature of all third-circuit reality maps; rigid, dogmatic systems claiming to have the only 'One True Way' become cosmic jokes to be laughed at heartily. The Grand Game becomes visible all at once; creating your own rules, changing them at will, even manufacturing different gameboards for entertainment and edification is what Circuit Seven is all about.

Apparently operating from the frontal lobes, the metaprogramming circuit has been called the Gnostic 'soul,' the Chinese 'no-mind' (wu-hsin), the Tibetan Buddhist White Light of the Void, the Hindu Shiva-darshana, Gurdjieff's True Intellectual Center. When you ultimately realize that the 'self' is not constant but constantly shifting and that the 'soul' (Circuit Seven) has no form precisely because it dons all forms and sheds them at will, playing every role conceivable--you find you have entered a Strange Loop no less perplexing, dramatic, and funny as a Zen koan. All that remains to be done is to constantly figure out new ways to create reality-maps that are even funnier, sexier, more inclusive, more delightful, and more entertaining than the ones you were using yesterday!


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